Business Strategy

Business strategy tailored to your business needs. Our strategies take you to where you want to be.

It starts with what you W-A-N-T

Your business strategy is about your business and where you want to be. To start, we’ll run you through our W-A-N-T process — the Whitehill Analysis of Needs and Tactics. As a business owner, you can see exactly where you want to drive your business. You may just need some support getting there. That’s where Whitehill Keir’s Business Strategy service comes in.

A systematic approach to take you to your end destination.

Our W-A-N-T process is a comprehensive, systematic approach to business. Here, we’ll learn all about your business — what are your strengths and where are the pitfalls? With you, we’ll outline all of the goals for your business. Then, we’ll put a strategy in place.

As a highly custom service, you’ll be involved throughout the process and as we put an action plan in place.

Consider us your trusted business support.

Our highly custom Business Strategy service is designed to support you. We know running an SME can be challenging, time-consuming, and at times, stressful. Our team is here to take those stressful and challenging elements and run with them. Our main goal? To save you from those midnight spreadsheet sessions. Leave it with us.

We're masters of exit strategies.

As a business owner, you’ve faced so many challenges in your career. However, planning your exit strategy can be amongst the hardest. If you’re planning to exit your business in the next five years, then now is the time to ask the hard questions. Remember, the better prepared you are, the better your decisions, and in turn, the better the outcome of your exit.

Here are some of the questions to start asking yourself:

Our Process

Initial Phone Call

It starts with an initial phone call to assess your needs.

We’ll ask you a few questions to get a clearer idea of your business strategy goals and whether we can achieve those for you.

Complementary Consultation

We’ll meet up with you to get to know you and your business better.

Here, we’ll run through your current situation and your business goals in detail, creating a vague plan as we talk.

Custom Package

Our team will create a custom package for you, incorporating our discussed strategy.

Your package can incorporate our other accounting services and will tick all of the boxes for your strategy and your business needs.

Why choose us?

Set yourself up for success

As experienced chartered accountants and business strategists, we're well-versed in SMEs. This allows us to create a robust plan that readies you for success.

Save time & money

By outsourcing your business needs to us, you can save time. The time you save by not doing these tasks yourself and the results we achieve save you money.

Approach business with confidence

Having a well-structured and considered business strategy to refer back to as you make those big decisions each day will allow you to act with total confidence.

Strategy tracking keeps us both accountable

We'll track your business strategy as we progress. Our team will routinely check in with you to assess where the strategy is up to, keeping both us and you accountable for each month.