Case Studies

A successful business exit

Case Details

We recently helped one of our clients pull off a successful business exit. The professional firm came to us with the goal to exit their business. Our team takes a systematic approach to business exit strategies. So, we started the process 18 months ahead of the transaction.

Our systematic approach is designed to ensure a successful outcome for both the financial and taxation sides of the business for the partners. We initially met with the partners to get a complete understanding of their plans, expectations and their hopes for the timeline.

Then, we created an action plan. We wanted to be able to keep track of all the critical areas we needed to address before the business went to market.We needed to create an information memorandum with the business partners. This included the business’ background, a summary of financial data, and explained the opportunities for a potential buyer.

Next, we created a short list of potential acquirers and made initial contact with them. Our team supported the business partners through negotiations to help the partners secure a lucrative agreement.

The end result was successful for all parties. Our clients were able to exit from their business and achieve a great financial outcome and clear pathway to retirement when the time is right for them.

Identified key areas​

  • Preparing an indicative valuation of the business
  • Putting in place a debt reduction strategy
  • Planning to ensure any proposed transaction was tax effective
  • Identifying continuing obligations for the premises lease
  • Other service agreements and quantifying employee entitlements and redundancy obligations